Still Using a Toothbrush? A New Water Pulse Teeth Cleaner Is Making Toothbrushes Obsolete…

19/07/2024 | Peter Richardson

SUMMARY: One Austrian dentist set out to prove we’ve all been cleaning our teeth the wrong way. Did he succeed? Well, let’s just say his invention is already spreading across Europe and it didn’t even need one of those tooth paste ads that say 9 out of 10 dentists recommend it to do so. It’s just that good. You can now Get Your PowerFloz 50% off and with Free Delivery. 

Do you have sensitive gums? Do you brush and brush every day and still there’re those annoying pile up of plaque that won’t go away without photoshop? Do you hate the taste of toothpaste? Well, if you answered yes to any of those you’re in luck, because this new device solves all those problems.

You can be honest with us. We know you don’t floss. We don’t either. It’s just such a hassle going over every tooth. No one has that much time in the morning.

Dentists recommend it but no one really pushes it, and thus no one bothered to try and make simpler. There’s probably more money in selling some new toothbrush design every few months.

But that’s just how it is right? We brush, “forget” to floss and then go to the dentist for our checkups to hear how much plaque we keep missing. That’s the way of the world… right?

Not according to a certain Austrian dentist… according to him you can do both, at home, easily.


At home? Easily? How?

They call it the PowerFloz. The brainchild of an Austrian dentist who was sick and tired of treating people with issues stemming from poor or insufficient brushing and gum cleaning. Yes he was tired of taking our money. That’s how altruistic this man is.

The key was water pressure. Dentists use it all the time to clean our teeth and gums, but at home? At best you’d find is an old unused dental floss roll. A home solution needed to be found.

The dentist looked around for a solution to recommend to his patients and found… not much. Water pressure cleaners exist, but they are some of the lowest effort, lowest quality work dental hygiene hardware since toothpicks.

A modern, high-tech solution was needed. Did the dentist succeed in creating one? Well he did.


What Are We Talking About?

Oh boy did he manage it. The PowerFloz utilizes some top notch engineering and materials to create the most efficient and comfortable teeth cleaning experience outside of a dentist’s office.

Essentially, the device shoots out a thin, high pressure stream of water at your teeth, and between them, forcing off any buildup of plaque or any other germ-based, teeth and gum ruining residue. Due to the water pressure, the cleaning is far deeper and far more efficient than a string of dental floss or one of those brushes that boast about “reaching everywhere”.

And all of this without causing any pain or harm like a rough brush would!

Everyone at the office tried it and been amazed. One swears it even helped with the tobacco stains on his teeth. With such results we just had to break down what makes the PowerFloz so revolutionary:

High pressure water stream that gives the deepest clean possible in just one minute of use.

Helps remove stubborn plaque. Up to 99.9% in fact!

3 pressure settings to fit your use and personal preference.

Massage mode for improving gum circulation and health.

Portable and wireless. No need to be tied to your tap, just fill it up and use it wherever you want!

Easy and safe to use. It’s just water. Fill it up and press the button. That’s all.

The PowerFloz is truly incredible and feels like a trip to the dentist, minus the pain, fear and numbed out cheek. That Austrian dentist really is a genius.


How Much Does the PowerFloz Cost?

Ok so I’ve been to my dentist, you’re saying. I really need to start taking better care of my teeth. But how much will this care cost me? How much will this fancy piece of mouth hygiene tech cost? Probably a fortune. Right? Well actually… the regular price of the PowerFloz is a mere 134€. But the global launch of the device seeks to make as much noise as possible so that even the most stubborn anti-flossers hear about it. The PowerFloz is now on a massive sale of 50% with free international shipping! You can now order yours for just 67€.

It’s not every day that someone makes an invention so that he gets less work and customers. He’s probably going to be boycotted from any dentist parties in the future, so we definitely advocate on getting one of these devices just to stick it to them.

In all seriousness though, PowerFloz truly is revolutionary and is already changing how everyone keeps their teeth clean. Even without the sale, this device would be priceless.

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But don’t just take our word for it! These people loved the PowerFloz:

“I had one of those cheap water pressure pulse things that attach to you tap and it was horrible. Impossible to get the pressure just right, kept clogging up and literally broke after two months. This new one is amazing and the fact you’re not shackled to your sink means you can use it to clean your teeth in the shower, as god intended.”

“I have sensitive gums ok! And flossing feels like I’m tearing out my teeth. I hate it. This water spraying thing is nothing like that. I was skeptical that it would even do anything but it really does peel off all the goo and plaque and makes your mouth nice, fresh and clean.”

“Last time I went for a cleaning my dentist said if I didn’t start flossing I might start losing teeth real fast. So I went online in desperation and found this fancy looking device. Fast forward to my cleaning appointment yesterday, he said my teeth were the cleanest he has ever seen walk in off the street!”


Conclusion: Should You Get the PowerFloz?

Yes. Go get it. Stop reading and go buy it already. You don’t need to keep buying floss you’ll never use, you don’t need to keep spending money on toothpaste. With the extra sale on top of it all, it’s really a no brainer. Get yourself a PowerFloz before the sale ends.


  • Helps Remove Up to 99.9% of Plaque Buildup
  • 3 Pressure Modes and Gum Massage Mode
  • Easy and Comfortable to Use
  • Safe and Painless
  • Portable


  • Only Available From The Supplier’s Website


How to Get the PowerFloz?

Now that you know how easily you can keep your teeth squeaky clean, you must be itching to get yourself one of these, so here’re the simple steps:

  1. We recommend ordering an original PowerFloz from the official site here.
  2. Turn it on, start pulsing and never have to worry about your dental insurance ever again.

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